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The Vision of Munroe Photography:

Then I became a father...

My daughter and I?

A refreshed vision on baby photography

I had the incorrect impression that baby photos had to be done inside of a studio with bright lights, which did not fit with my philosophy of capturing natural moments. When Addison was born I realized that the photos of those fleeting everyday moments were what made my wife and I smile the most. Your baby's discovery of themselves and the world around is what tells their story.... from the peacefulness of a nap to the wildness of a bath. These are the moments I want to capture for you. To view sample imagery click here.

Q: What do you feel makes you different than other baby photographers?

My approach is to keep things as simple and easy as possible for you and your baby.

My in-house service eliminates the need to worry about the unknown. The desire to create a photo session so simple arose from being the stay at home parent from months 3-9 of my daughter’s life. Being a stay at home parent is one of the hardest jobs I've ever done and there is nothing simple about it… naps change and schedules fluctuate weekly, so I wanted to provide you with the added flexibility of being at home and arriving when you're ready. See the photo session section for more details.

About me personally

If I could select a few words to describe myself… I would say sincere, thoughtful, easy-going, and passionate. I am dedicated to my family, our community, and am always up for a good laugh with friends. My background is in wedding photography. I started my own business ten years ago and I still enjoy every aspect of it. Capturing life's precious moments has always been my passion.

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