From Strangers to Friends

I started off as a stranger and slowly became entrusted to shadow you on your wedding day.
Developing a relationship that allowed me to capture the intimate, emotional, and tender moments of
one of the most important days of your lives. I am honored to have been entrusted with the
responsibility and glad to have a new friendship that I hope will continue over the years.

I love what I do and especially the part where I receive feedback from couples saying how much
they love their photos and how much they cherish the moments I've captured. Hearing that type
of feedback is part of the reason I love my job so much. On the flip-side, I realize that those are
the easy things for clients to share and sometimes they may not want to bring up something small
that bothered them. I know issues exist because often when I tell someone I'm a wedding photographer,
they'll say, "I wish my photographer had done X." My hope is that didn't happen with us, but realize
that it is possible I could have fallen short on some aspect my service to you. So as uncomfortable as it
is to hear things that I've done wrong, it is more important to me to ask you to be honest, so I can
improve in the future. Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer a few questions.

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